We provide the best apache Spark online training in Hyderabad.  Our Spark Training Course offer you hands-on experience to create any bigdata applications using Scala programming.

Apache Spark is Number one framework to process large amount of data sets. Unlike hadoop, Spark suitable to process Streaming data and batch data at a time quickly.  Most of the organizations looking for bigdata developers. It’s good time to switch to Spark for better career growth.  It’s easy to learn, concise code, programmer friendly, server friendly, easy to optimize and analyze data.

Spark Training Hyderabad

Why choose us for online Spark training?

  • Student Sanctification is main factor.
  • Based on future explain advanced technologies like Ignite, Spark 2.0 versions
  • Improve bigdata knowledge to implement any bigdata projects without depends on others.
  • We have more than 3 years experience in Spark, implementing real-time spark applications.
  • Dedicated technical team to give online support.
  • We provides Spark training online only, but technical quality wide no compromise.
  • Everything hands on in real time manner.
  • Everything real-time environment not only local (Ubuntu) environment. Means everything in AWS clusters, putty, intellij instead of ubuntu terminal.
  • Explain End to End from scratch to advanced include optimization techniques.

Spark Training Course Content

To understand Spark, Minimum knowledge on Hadoop highly recommended. So we are explaining these hadoop ecosystems.

Hadoop ecosystems:

  1. HDFS:  Name Node, Fault Tolerance, High Availability
  2. Yarn: Application Master, Fault Tolerance, Container
  3. Sqoop: Import, Export MsSQL, oracle, MySQL, optimization
  4. Hive: partition, bucketing, process csv, json, Optimization

Spark Ecosystems:

  • Scala: collecttions, functions, for loop, if else, match…
  • Core: RDDs, broadcast, accumulators, Transformations, Actions
  • SQL: DataFrames, Memory Management, catalyst optimizer, process CSV,Json,Orc,Parquet,xml, Redshift, Hive, cassandra, Phoenix data.
  • Streaming: Structure streaming, fault tolerance, get live data, store in Cassandra using Kafka.
  • Alluxio: Process large amount of data using Alluxio.
  • Kafka: Producer, consumer api. Integrate with spark.
  • Flink Introduction: Spark Vs Flink, Sample programs.

AWS ecosystem:

  • EMR: Create EMR, submit a project in client, cluster mode.
  • EC2: Create EC2, install different software, examples.
  • Redshift: Load data from S3, read, write data from Spark.
  • IAM: Grant privileges to different users: Hands on
  • RDS: create & load data to Oracle, MySQL, MsSQL Hands on.
  • S3: Bucket policies, store data, security, and more.

More info: www.apachespark.in/spark-online-training/

Prerequisite for  spark training

Please note to learn spark no need any special skills, in this comprehensive bigdata training everything explain  from scratch. But to understand Scala language, must have minimum knowledge (not experience) on any programming language like core java.

To implement real-time projects, must have minimum knowledge and experience in SQL. So core java and SQL knowledge recommended to learn spark.

There are many frameworks in big data, but for the next 10 years spark is trending framework in IT industry.  To learn future trending technologies like Apache ignite and Flink frameworks, Apache spark knowledge highly recommended.

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