Flink Online Training | IOT Training using Flink in USA India Canada

What is Flink ?

Flink is a unified platform to process batch and streaming data. It’s highly recommended to process IOT data and streaming applications.  Like apache spark , flink also supporters machine learning algorithms and graphics data aswell. Apache spark support streaming, but it’s not streaming framework like storm. Flink pure streaming application additionally support batch process as well.

Every industry streaming data generated, especially financial , share market, Bank, social media, sensor data and internet connected devices like car , taxies. Flink analyze such data in optimistic manner, so that most of Iot companies looking for real-time flink developers so solve business problems.

flink training

Why Flink?

Its difficult to process streaming applications, but flink framework can solve any type of streaming application easily. Flink support both event-time based and window based streaming process. It’s provides high-throughput and low latency, so its optimize application performance. So that most of the organizations looking for flink developers to implement IOT, streaming based applications. Like Apache Ignite, Flink does not provide its own data storage system, so by default using HDFS to store data.

Course Content:

  1. Flink Introduction
  2. Table Library
  3. StreamingAPI
  4. DataSet API & Encoder
  5. Get mysql data using Flink
  6. Process Streaming data and batch data at a time.
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