Why Instructor Led Training Highly Recommended to Learn Spark

Apache spark very hot in the market. Most of the companies looking for apache spark online training. Similarly most of the knowledge seekers, googling and downloading many videos from youtube, but most of the students not gaining skills properly. Why? In this post i am explaining.

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Please note our brain got adopt as a habit with trainers. Means if trainer explain properly than only grab that topics.

Most of the students download videos, than postpone to follow that videos. The main reason, videos available in disk, so later learn, there is no hurry. In this way most of the students simply downloading GBs of videos, but they don’t touch that videos. After few months that spark version depreciated, so even after few months learn those topics there is no use.

Most of the videos don’t have optimization, just giving basic information about any topic. Let eg: In every project design, optimization, test cases, lld, performance optimization, and many other steps required, these information not available in any videos, this info available who has real time experience in spark projects.

Few members requesting give recorded videos ill follow those videos, but it’s not worthful. The main reason recorded videos intentionally done for revision purpose not for learning.  Means if you attend training, than when you are practicing, you ll get some doubts, you don’t know how to solve, at that time if you follow recorded videos, you will get a blue print to resolve problem. So Live bigdata training highly recommended instead of recorded videos.

Where online videos recommended?

Usually you don’t know any information about particular topic. Let example graph frames or alluxio or apache ignite. Online videos just give brief information what is that, why using that. If you want to understand & to get basic idea, online videos very useful, but those videos not give all information. So that especially for self learners online instructor led training highly recommended instead of online videos.

Main resource to learn bigdata is : Practice. Practice make perfect, so if you practice well, 100% you can understand. Even after instructor led online training, if you are not practicing, there is no use. So practice highly recommended to learn spark.

You are paying to trainer, so you have full rights to gain bigdata skills from trainer. So if you get any doubts, directly ask trainer, and try to improve skills. These facility not available in other ways. So instructor led bigdata training highly recommended to learn spark.


Training is Mandatory to learn Spark?

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