Spark Streaming hands on | 1000/- only Mar 18 5.30PM-10PM IST


Recently One patient requested for my support. She is my village only.  Her name Sunitha, facing health issue (kidney failure) every month spending min 10k for dialosis.


Please find Sunitha’s bank details

kandala sunitha ..
andhra bank
ifsc code: ANDB0000509

Or pls pay using BHIM or tez app 9247159150 I’ll transfer to her account later

transferto her account

After donation please share screenshot or SMS. ill allow u. As  a payback ill give free spark training (project) today Sunday, Mar 18 evening 5.30 pm to 10 pm


………………………… thanks as of now Hari Chandana Siri got 5000/- donated to her…


recently I  got a mail, letter from one school girl. Please follow that letter. I decided to help her higher education. So I am raising a fund request to others. As a payback ill share my knowledge  Please find her details:


pic bankdetails markspaper



If you want to learn AWS. Ill help you to improve my skills.

This weekend ill explain about AWS Everything Hands on.

In this training, I am explaining about these topics

  1. How to create AWS account.
  2. What is RDS
  3. IAM
  4. Redshift
  5. S3
  6. EMR
  7. EC2
  8. How to create a website using EC2

If you want to attend this session.

I request please pay min 500/- to this account or BHIM or tez app 9247159150 (it’s mine) Ill transfer to her account ..  If 30 members paid 500/- totally 15,000 useful to join Intermediate (+2)  and for her other expenses.

Her bank details

Name:S Hari Chandana Siri

Account: 62456590758

SBI, Tirumalagiri branch

Ifsc code: SBIN0020836

After payment pls share mesage or screenshot .. than ill share password to join. Pls bring credit card and Mobile number before attend this training.

To attend aws training pls join in this link:

Time 7 am ist to 11 am ist (Sat & Sunday)  Mar 10, 11



మీరు ఇచ్చే ప్రతి రూపాయి తన జీవితాన్ని ప్రభావితం చెయ్యగలదు. మన కారణంగా ఒక సరస్వతి తయారుఅవుతుంది అంటే అంతకన్నా కావాల్సింది ఏమి ఉంటుంది చెప్పండి

Requesting for LifeSupport | Spark Streaming project

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