Freshers also get Spark Job? | Experience Importance in Spark

Answer: Yes

Most of the Students especially freshers think twice only experienced professionals only get a job in Bigdata. In this article i am explaining Why most of the companies prefer experienced professionals.

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First of all any software companies looking for highly skilled. In Bigdata interview also interviewer check your skills and attitude, these skills useful to complete this project?

In interview, they can easily detect, you are fresher or experienced, u have theoretical or practical knowledge. But they check at-least you have knowledge or not. If interviewer believe, your skills suitable to this project, most probably you will get a job.

Most of the companies to filter resumes, they will reject resumes with silly reasons. No higher educational qualifications, long gap in your experience like this. But spark very demand, no professionals available in the market, so they don’t filter if you have real-time skills. In interview first they check, you have minimum knowledge or not, they don’t expect max skills from freshers.

One more common problem is most of the cases, freshers give reasons, but not results. Means i don’t know, i don’t have experience, they are not giving support. In this way most of the freshers give reasons, but experienced professionals they know how to resolve problem, they don’t said reasons. If freshers also have creativity, if they can resolve any business problem, 100% freshers also get a job, but with low salary.

Hadoop released 10 years back, but using for the last 4 years after released hadoop 2.0 version. Apache spark released 5 years back, but using recently 2 years back after spark 1.4 version released. In Hadoop projects most probably using java, so that if you have java skills, easily you can resolve that problem. So that any organization give main preference to java experienced professionals.

Scala very very few members only have experience, scala almost like java. If you student has minimum core java knowledge, freshers also easily learn spark without any guidance. If freshers take apache spark training, they can easily get a job. The main reason, no competition in Scala and Spark, but huge demand in the market. So that in interview also they check creativity and basic knowledge in spark. If you know functional knowledge and SQL knowledge its huge plus to get a job. Cloudera or data bricks spark certifications increase chances to get a job for freshers.

The main problem is freshers don’t know which is the best skill. Still they don’t know difference between hadoop and spark.

Please note most of the bigdata institutes giving job assistance, but without skills, how they ll give?. Any bigdata trainer responsibility share knowledge, that knowledge will help to get a job.


If you have apache spark skills, that skills will help to get a job. Freshers, experience not a matter, anyone can get. First try to improve your skills, as per industry standards. 100% freshers also get a job.

One more advice: Freshers, choose which technology create a bright future for you, choose that technology only, like spark, apache ignite or IOT framework called Flink for better career growth.


Freshers also get Spark Job?
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2 thoughts on “Freshers also get Spark Job?

  • March 29, 2018 at 12:34 AM

    I am fresher and hadoop trained. from last 3 months I won’t get a one single call. I think hadoop is not for freshers. Please suggest me, if I learn spark is there any chances for getting job?

    • June 2, 2018 at 3:14 PM

      100% u can if u practice well


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