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Apache Ignite is a new hot trend in Bigdata.  Open Source In-memory computing platform to process huge amount data on large scale data sets. Ignite provides high-performance, integrated and distributed in-memory platform to store and process data in-memory. In other words, an Accelerator layer to store and process data called Apache ignite.

Ignite online training


Apache Spark Vs Apache Ignite

Please find difference between apache spark and ignite.

Apache Spark Apache Ignite
General purpose in-memory processing system. An accelerator  layer on top of  databases/filesystems
High-performance distributed processing engine. High-performance distributed database management system.
Simple words (Mapreduce + in memory) BlinkDB + Alluxio
For OLAP (SQL friendly, programming friendly) OLAP + OLTP (SQL friendly, programming friendly)
Spark temporary load data from local disk, store in RAM for processing. After processing it’s not store data on RAM (If catch data, it will store on ram) Ignite will keep the data in its RAM even when it is not required for processing or when the processing is over
Its based on RDDs & Dataset Its based on key-value store based
Use HDFS or other file system to store data Its use its own file system called ignite file system to store.
Java-based system that runs on JVM Scala-based system that runs on JVM
Spark 2.0 can run all the 99 TPC-DS queries, which require many of the SQL:2003 features It provides full ANSI-99 SQL support.

Future of Analytics everything is in-memory. Apache spark introduce in-memory concept, but ignite use it effectively to store and process.

Ignite Online Training Course Content:

  • How Ignite working?
  • Features, architecture
  • Deep dive into DataGrid
  • In-memory file system
  • Integrate with other file system.
  • Integrate with Hive & Hadoop
  • Integrate with Spark
  • Integrate with Cassandra
  • Integrate with Kafka & Flink
  • Streaming and complex event processing
  • Process S3 data
  • JDBC data processing
  • JVM Heap tuning
  • optimizing memory and Jobs
  • Run sql queries on large datasets.
  • How SQL queries works

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